Weekend Meetup #1 (3rd March '18)

Our first official weekend meetup was a success, 2 visiters, Páll & Thomas

Martin made legs for some furniture, so his Roomba wouldn't get stuck there anymore :)

Henrik 3d Printed a Flexible T-Rex and something for work, while designing further on his cnc machine project.

Morten made a test setup for some pumps controlled by a cheap LED strip controller.

Paulo was packing his things up as he's moving away.

Mark was programming some functionality for his 8x32 led matrix.

Gunnar was working on a led cloud (cloud as in actual cloud)

Søren was back after a while, good to see him and catch-up with what he'd been up to.

Harald was brainstorming, updating our (Coming Soon) Project page and other stuff.

All-in-all a successful weekend meetup, plan is to do one meetup once a month.