Thursday @ IF (8th Mar '18)

Here's what people made this Thursday

Finally the doorbell for the workshop got installed (guess who did it! ;) )

Gunnar finished, his led cloud with built in microphone for a making lightningstrikes when someone's Loud! and also cnc cut something for Work.

Harald made some amplifier curcuitry, and if you haven't guessed, installed the long awaited doorbell :)

John's boat got further and he was doing some concentrated brainstorming!

Michaels electric vehicle scale is 50% finished and looking real good.

Ivan & Thomas were back and trying to get an Uno to communicate with the servo drives, but some logic-level-converter is needed.

Jákup was taking apart stuff for future project and was settling in nicely at his desk.

Mark was coding for showing some bitmap image on his 8x32 led matrix.

A real nice thursday with good project activity/progress