Thursday @ IF (7th June '18)

Henriks CNC machine is really starting to look like something, and he's slowly getting over the painful electrical wiring, soldering and so on...

Gunnar had made a small Deadpool thingy, just to see the result from painting 3mm MDF, which turned out pretty nice. He also bought a 650mm long RC boat that was briefly tested in a way to small lake...

Ivan & Thomas were fiddeling around with controlling the 2 servos from an arduino, and some other stuff on the Breakout board which apparently were only for show :D

Long time not seen but Jacob came by again and it was great catching up and also to know more about he's exciting projects at home.

Arnaud was messing around a Pi3 and getting Temp&Humid from an I2C board which showed us that it indeed is a Great summer here in Denmark (27.6Celcius)

Brian has successfully sold his 2 shields, and was soldering a NIXI Tube kit that will be excited to see in real life!

Thats all from us this time... more stuff coming up from this weekend ;)