Thursday @ IF (12th July + Weekend 7th July '18)

Combination Post from our Weekend + Thursday so not all pictures make sense

Anyways, Søren and Jákup "fixed" our wobbely bench with some strength here and there...

Henrik has been finalizing his CNC machine and moved it into the CNC room and it had it's first successful engraving run which is super excited.

Gunnar has been moving his CNC machine into the room aswell, sadly the machine needed to be taken apart inorder to get it into the room, so he's now cleaning up the electronics, adding limitswitches and all that stuff that should have been done ALONGTIMEAGO...

Mark got an Arduino Uno with ETH Shield to talk ModBus to a Industrial Panel, third time it worked...

First time in a long time a complete Rainbow showed up! and looking closely, there's actually two of them pretty special!

Brian worked on some brackets for some headlight for his motorcycle.

Søren printed some pipe connectors to make a custom basket thingy for his bike inorder to carry 2x 6Packs... there's some motivation behind this one

Martin & Harald were fooling around with all kinds of small stuff, let's call it brainstorming