Thursday @ IF (4th Oct '18)

A very nice activity at the OpenSpace, so many infact we decided to eat in the main room due to lack of space in the Sofa Room.

Anyways, New Martin was strengthening his Scaletrix frame, and had designed a Track layout aswell, which definetly is a nice track.

Jákup was making his newly bought rack frame ready for an old laptop of his.

Thomas & Ivan were back with some stuff and were figuring out what to do next and so on.

John successfully mounted the motor to the shaft in his boat, and was decorating the deck of the boat, which is really starting to make it look like a real Boat.

Brian's Nixie tube box coming along nicely.

Henrik started to CNC cut a roughing pass on the 3d profiling he made last week.

Gunnar managed to attach the 2mm steel wires to the frame and made some 3d printed parts to ensure no shortages to the alu-frame.