Thursday @ IF (26th April '18)

Finally some form of Sign in the window so People hopefully stop asking about if we can repair their Lawnmovers :D (Place was a Lawnmover shop before we moved in) ;)

Gunnar & Henrik 3d printed some key things for Paulo in Portugal, 0.1 - 0.2 - 0.15 layered prints from the left!

Gunnar also made a book thingy from mdf with plywood inserts which turned out quite nicely.

Henrik 3d Printed some flexible chainmail test.

Arnaud was getting back to settings on the ball balancing platform.

and of course progress on ongoing projects were made.

Open House event was a success, during the day around ~20 people visited where 11 of them were complete new comers, that mostly knew about it due to our boosted facebook event.