Thursday @ IF (25th Oct '18)

Mark has been creating some awesome scenery for his sons Warhammer 40K figures. Which to be honest look amazing! this is after a week's practice.

Henrik was re-installing his board and adding a xt60 connector plug as a standard dc plug couldn't handle 12v 15A.

Martin came with some tracks and was continuing his layout.

Harald added an extra esp to a Sonoff relay and turned  it into a esp now gateway he can use for making low energy wireless  sensors.

and made a board to get 3,3 volts from a 5v ftdi cable to use when programming sonoff relays.

Martin was cutting some very nice Hard Wood as inserts for his nice Nasa Poster Frame.

Gunnar 3d Printet some holders for the Wemos D1 on the poster frame, and was problemsolving one of the Led strips for random flickering.

And the Stand he made a couple of weeks ago is done and has been to it's first exhibition.

Brians Ikea box Yes/No lamp hack is coming along, just missing some lighbulbs.

Last weeks Thursday was a little thin so this post is a combination with

Thursday @ IF (18th Oct '18)