Thursday @ IF (24th May '18)

As seen from the photos Henrik bought a CNC Machine Kit which is getting built, he galvanized most of the aluminium plates as they were unpainted, and bought a 2.2kW Spindle with VFD, same as the spindle on Bjørn's & Gunnar's CNC which has proven it's worth. Machine is 1m x 1m in size with a cutting area of 75x75cm and stable enough to cut aluminium.
X,Y Axis are rack&pinion and Z-Axis is with Ballscrew...

The plan is to move both cnc machines into the 3d Printer room as it's to cold in there for 3d printing 80% of the year :) to be continued...

Gunnar was testing 5 different types of stain for inlays in a A4 sized "bookcover" thing for a friends wedding present...

Arnaud was optimizing his ball balancer with a awesome looking GUI for better management and testing.