Thursday @ IF (14th June '18)

Henrik's CNC machine is making good progress, although visibly not much, alot of tedious cable management, soldering and other stuff. All we can say now is... COMING SOON ;)

Brian, is making a small "after alarm" wakeup lightbox from a special led light bulb.

Arnaud's ball balancer is working really well now, since Michael brought a smaller Bearing ball as the other one was to big, so the sensing of the touchplate is much better now with a lighter ball.
Also he found and traced some pirate graphics for laser cutting for his kids.

Michael had designed the replacement Rims for his test vehicle, and we managed to Print 3 out of 4, and it was a perfect fit.

Gunnar was laser cutting a wedding gift cover thingy for the Third time, and still needs to assemble it. Fingers crossed, that this will be it.

And some Honourable mentions (aka stuff without pictures)

  • Harald was playing around with Snapcast for his home, which it seemed he got working pretty well.

  • Martin took apart a tft monitor to get the polarization films from it, but didn't manage as they were glued in pretty hard. Why? well that's hopefully coming soon ;)