Thursday @ IF (11 Oct '18)

Arnaud was playing around with his car radio in order to get some sound from a jack plug. But it got to dark for him outside so he used the 100W Led light to brighten the interior :D

Henrik was trying to get a possibly a broken display to work with his 3d printer, but without success.

Thomas and Ivan were programming a display for their project which seemed to be quite time consuming with calculating pixels and symmetry :)

Jákup, old laptop in the rack is starting to look complete.

Gunnar designed and 3d printed some dc-dc stepdown holders for the poster frame. Which finally is working with Arduino OTA and a simple rainbowcycle is running.

Martin was making the wooden frame for his awesome NASA poster, where some ideas about possibly engraving the outer frame with the cnc with some space/geek related graphics.

Other Martin was cutting a lot of stuff for his track elevation and stuff... starting assembly soon.

Henrik finally dusted off his plotter and disassembled it for parts, which was quite interesting to see the engineering in such an old machine, including a super light radial blade for suction.

Århus Mini Maker Faire is on Sunday, and some of us are going... Pictures on that coming soon or check next post from 14th Oct as it might already have happened ;)