Saturday @ IF (6th Oct '18)

Henrik started the Ball-nose profiling in Y Direction and afterwards let it make another pass in X direction with a slighty less stepover which turned out pretty nice.

Gunnar tested out his frame by hanging it on the two 2mm steel wires, putting 24v and ground to them and stepping it down to 5v with some dc-dc stepdowns which worked nicely. Wemos D1 mini was loaded with Arduino OTA (Over The Air) so now the some programming is required to make it smart/flexible and also some 3d printed parts to hold the wemos and stepdowns before starting on the second frame.

Harald printed some holders for a Xiaomi PIR sensor at home. (Some modifications may be required)

Harald also bought a frame for his Silicium Chip models and Laser cut some white thin styrene to keep them centered in the frame.

Martin was making a Frame for his NASA poster, which have been made completely from a huge slab of wood.

Jákup, Harald and Martin were goofing around with a Kinect and making some scans of Jákup and one got good enough to test to 3d Print.

Jákup was also busy making all kinds of modifications to his old laptop inorder to fit it in the rack enclosure.

And some of us played a nice round of Star Realms just to keep things at a serious level around the place ;)