RGB Triangle Light

I wanted something as an excuse to use my favourite WS2812B Led's, so I found an image on google with some circuitry stuff, traced the bitmap using Inkscape, exported to DXF and imported it in Cambam to make the finishing touches and making the rest of the model.

Idea and Inspiration came from Pinterest and the awesome projects Natural Nerd and DIY Perks made on one of their Youtube Videos.

DIY Perks
Natural Nerd (Now: Nerdforge)

This was the Design, and layed out ready for the Laser Cutter ;)



And after some Laser Engraving and Cutting.



I cut 6 pieces of 9 leds from a very dense strip (144leds/meter)


Glued them on to the base and top plate, using the adhesive from the strips, soldered the strips together in the correct direction (beware of arrow marks on the strips or from DI (Digital In) to DO (Digital Out))

To connect the bottom base to the top base I used a 5mm carbon tube, fed 3 wires through and red(5V), black(gnd) and yellow(data)


Did some coding and used a ESP8266 NodeMCU 1.0 (ESP-12E) Board for controlling the led's, as I wanted some future MQTT support. An Arduino can also be used.

Also created this small box just to keep it abit more neat.


With an Acrylic window press-fitted into the mdf as I wanted to see if it was running (blue led) :D


And I think the finished project was pretty satisfying, this thing has been running for about 1½ years now everytime we're at InventorsFactory so pretty durable :)



Check out my Github Repository

Where I've got the "Simple" Arduino some pictures and the Cambam project file
plus some extra description.

Also check out the Youtube video for this Project