ESP Binary clock

One of the first things i finished after InventorsFactory moved to the new place was a pong watch with a led matrix display driven by an Arduino. The Pong clock turned out pretty OK, but I felt like it left a a hole when i finally took it home.


So i decided to make a new watch to fill the void at IF.
I wanted something rather simple but hopefully stylish and I ended up deciding to do a binary clock.


I made the electronics from stuff I had on hand, so I ended up making it from three WS2812 led strips with six leds on each and driving them with a small esp8266 (esp-01) running NodeMCU. To make it easy to update the firmware decided to use a 3.3V USB to serial converter for power that way I could use an old phone charger with usb as PSU and just plug it into my PC if I wanted to update the firmware.


I decided to make the enclosure in Plywood, acrylic and MDF so that it could be laser cut. I designed it as two parts that both are composed of two sheets of wood that are glued together. The front two pieces had MK screws placed inbetween them before they where glued together. These screws go trough the back part and the two parts can be fastened together with four nuts on the back part of the watch.


The watch can hang in the key hole on the back part.

The files for this project can be found on my Github along with the bill of materials