About us

Inventors factory is a Open/Hackerspace located in Silkeborg Denmark. Where members can work on their own projects, collaborate with others, learn from and share knowledge with like minded people.

and we are always looking for new members.

The projects worked on here involve woodworking, electronics, software, model building, 3d printing, cnc milling and laser cutting. And we'll much rather discuss your implementations than the motivation.

Our members have a very varied background and includes software, mechanical and electronics engineers and ensures that it is almost always possible to find someone with some kind of input for your project. but we don't expect new members to have any kind of technical background, only that you are curious and willing to learn and build.

We encourage anyone who finds this just remotely interesting to visit our meet-up page and find the time and date for next official event (usually every thursday) and come bye and get a tour.


Become a Member for 300,-DKK/Month
24h Access
Own Desk
Access to Tools
and Access to a profound member knowledge base to get you started.